Why are we doing this project?

In the context of global warming, biodiversity conservation and increasing quality of life, the urban greening phenomenon has grown in recent years, becoming an international priority.

The Romanian Government, through its National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Romania 2030 supports urban greening, through the objectives of reducing air pollution in cities and communities (SDG11), acting against climate change (SDG13), contributing to biodiversity conservation (SDG14), the citizens’ health and well-being (SDG3), and to a qualitative education (SDG4), at all levels, including through lifelong learning programs.

Within the context of the European Platform Urban Greening initiative, Worldskills Romania Foundation identified a lack of clarity in understanding the field of urban greening, qualifications and the related training programs.

In this context, the Department for Sustainable Development within the General Secretariat of the Romanian Government and the WorldSkills Romania Foundation agreed on the idea of ​​developing an “Atlas of professions and competencies in urban greening” to address the need of identifying professions and competencies in the field of urban greening. The atlas provides a clearer picture of the existing qualifications and on how professional and training standards cover skills specific to urban greening (biodiversity, adaptation to climate change, well-being).

What do we want?

We want to create the context for the development of urban greening by clarifying the status of existing professions, competencies and training programs in the field and by discussing the necessity to develop this field.

We wish for this project to be a step forward in building together the future of the field of urban greening by establishing the necessary qualifications and competencies, occupational and training standards, curriculum development and relevant field-specific training programs.

What are we doing?

1. Research on qualifications and competences related to the field of urban greening in Romania – the “Atlas of professions and competencies in urban greening”;

2. Organizing an international conference to launch the research report and to discuss the need for training in urban greening. The conference will be attended by international experts and representatives of central and local authorities, relevant professional associations and educational institutions.

Who are we?